Feeds (twitch.tv/igetfeeds): After hearing the awesome ideas this pc gamer had for the gfx of their twitch channel, we got so excited to do their branding! From the overlay, panels, and headers, to the sub badges and emotes, we had a blast developing this brand from scratch.

Simplyhazel (twitch.tv/simplyHazel): After reaching affiliate on twitch, this streamer asked us to come up with some fun designs for their sub badges and an emote. We just love how playful they turned out!


Tranquil3TV (twitch.tv/tranquil3tv): Getting to revamp the panels and headers for this streamer was such a blast! The final result has a tranquil, zen vibe and we love it! We also got to recreate an existing emote they had, in order to have a high quality file to use in designs, plus we whipped up a couple of fun chibi style emotes.


Dr_Squared (twitch.tv/dr_squared): For this streamer, we created their entire channel brand from scratch, starting with the logo which was used for the sub badges. Inspired by the hospital cross symbol, we designed a modern, sleek graphic that pops on the overlay and panels, as well as the sub badges.

Cyrus_The_Virus (twitch.tv/cyrus_the_virus): This twitch streamer wanted a quick update to two of their emotes using bitmojis. It was a challenging task to balance the text with image, but after a lot of revisions they look so awesome in stream chat!


Skull and Roses Stream GFX: This set of stream gfx is available to buy! Inspired by the old school tattoo style, this bundle includes an overlay, be back soon/starting soon/offline screen, panels, and sub badges. Send us a message if you’d like to purchase this set!


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