Poster Designs: We offer options from a collection of posters that is always expanding and you can also custom order your very own prints. Reach out and let us know what type of poster you’re looking for and we can help!

Nursery Prints: We offer a variety of nursery prints, including these elephant and whale designs, customizable to you color choices. We also accept orders to create new designs. Just reach out through our contact form and tell us what you’re looking for!


Magazine Ad: Wildside Accessories has product in multiple stores around the country. When they reached out to Bokeh to find a fun solution for a magazine ad for the Children’s Orchard conference, we knew we needed something clean, modern, and fun! We were able to accomplish that goal while still keeping an easy to read format.



Birth Dates Print: We love creating custom made prints for our clients. Getting to design one for a family, made up of the 4 dates of the children’s birthdays was so special! Especially since they welcomed their fourth child only a few weeks before requesting this design.


Birthday Banner: Designing a banner for Camryn’s 6th birthday was such a blast. We love the bright pastel colors with the fun circus themed design!


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