Watercolor Photos: This edit adds a fine-art quality to your photos and looks fantastic when printed! We offer this add on to all photo packages and even have it as an a la carte option for your own photos!

Composite Photos: Once in a while we capture the perfect photo in a not-so-perfect setting. Other times, we want to just have some fun changing scenery. Either way, this is where composites come in. We can change a summer field into a winter tundra, turn a child into a fairy, and so much more! What type of scene can we create for you?

Magical Photos: Sometimes images need to be spiced up a bit – that’s where the magic of photoshop comes in! We love adding special touches like a splash of fairy glitter or lively butterflies!

Gender Reveal Image on Canvas: We love when clients want their photos printed on fun items, like canvas, cards, and even magnets! After photographing a bee-utiful gender reveal party, we were able to print this great image on a 16″ x 20″ canvas. Getting to capture this special day was so amazing!


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