Summer 2020 Styled Wedding Shoot: Every once in a while a group of vendors gets together to have some fun, and that’s exactly what we did for this Wedding Styled Shoot. I may not have been able to participate day of, but had a blast designing two custom stationery suites which are now available to order! Thank you so much to KNZ Photography for capturing our green Modern suite and to Kaylah Hammer Photography for capturing our cotton Boho suite.

Carnival Themed Birthday Party: Getting to design an invite around a carnival theme was such a fun project. Following that up with planning and coordinating the event made it even better! It’s always a blast to see an event through from start to finish!

DBZ inspired Valentine’s Day Card: This Valentine’s Day Card was an exciting challenge with the Dragon Ball Z inspiration. And getting to come up with a custom poem that goes along with it was the cherry on top!

‘Piccolo is Green, King Kai is Blue, On this Valentine’s Day, Will you be my Buu?’

vday card

Kentucky Derby Themed Wedding Shower Invite: This invite was so much fun to design! We used the bride and groom’s wedding colors to create something both formal and fun.

Peter Rabbit Themed Baby Shower: Bokeh took care of all the planning for this event, from designing the invites and setting up the shower decor/organizing the games, to selecting the venue and menu. The result was fantastic!

Thank You Card: Here is a summer inspired Thank You Card with a custom die-cut to make it POP!

Thank You Card Custom Cut

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