Charity Elizabeth Studios: When this North Carolina based photographer decided to expand their business with a videography side, they needed a slight name change, which meant it was the perfect time for a rebrand. We just love the final result and had so much fun developing this with them!


Feeds (Twitch Channel): After hearing the awesome ideas this pc gamer had for the gfx of their twitch channel, we got so excited to do their branding! From the overlay, panels, and headers, to the sub badges and emotes, we had a blast developing this brand from scratch.


Desert Rose Prints Photography: Over the first year in business, this photographer had expanded their client base exponentially! They decided it was time for a custom logo (after using just a watermark) and we couldn’t wait to get started. After seeing what they wanted, we created a floral piece that is specific to just them – a.k.a. the desert. We tied in some beautiful succulents with eye-catching colors that pop off the page!

DRP Brand


Jennifer Bragg Photography: When this new photography company reached out to us for a custom logo, we were thrilled to see the ideas they had for designs! After some hard work, we were able to create a lovely floral logo that looks great onscreen and on their business cards.

P.S. Getting to design those cards with a spot gloss was so much fun! And they turned out beautifully, just look at that shine!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Dr_Squared (Twitch Channel): Once this pc gamer let us know they wanted a hospital cross inspired graphic for the gfx of their twitch channel, we were thrilled to start working on their branding! After a lot of variations, we landed on a modern, sleek graphic that pops on the overlay and panels, as well as the sub badges.

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